CTI/IVR Integration

Here at Maximum, we specialise in the integration of different voice applications into large voice networks or standalone locations.

Most software designers are capable of writing standalone applications but, all too often, do not possess either the skills or experience to fully integrate them into a voice network. At Maximum, however this unique capability is at the heart of our expertise. We not only manage the installation of the hardware associated with each application, we will also identify and implement the configuration changes that are required, either within your network or a particular location to route calls to the voice application. Once a call is with the application we ensure that onward routing is successfully completed and that any features enabled within your network are functioning effectively.

Expertise In All Voice Network Features

We have extensive hands-on experience of both long-established voice network features and those that are at the leading edge of telecoms technology. We can look at your network configuration, test data configuration and commissioning specifications. We work with Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) and Interactive Voice Recognition (IVR) applications - areas in which we excel.

Today telecoms technology is transforming the capacity and the capabilities of voice networks. Our industry technology is moving at a fast pace, we have and we will continue to keep pace with it. IVR applications have vastly improved since its introduction, gone are the lengthy menus and most software developers have moved away from DTMF technology, into fully speech-enabled applications. If you’re looking at introducing or replacing your existing IVR application, make sure the company you use has ditched the button pressing and long menus, for natural speech recognition.

The Choice of Industry Professionals

As specialists in our field, we’re the choice of the industry professionals. That means, we design and develop applications and solutions on behalf of other telecoms companies, communication solutions providers and telecoms manufacturers, not just for our own direct clients.

We’re often the third party in major projects—the hidden secret. The people that develop applications that make IVR systems, smart and intelligent, on behalf of other companies within our industry.

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