Disaster Recovery Planning

Protection For One Of Your Most Valuable Assets

If you operate a large Contact Centre or Switching Centre, you’ll know how crucial it is to the smooth-running of your organisation. Your Contact Centre and telecoms systems may well be the hub of your service commitment to your customers and have a direct influence on how your organisation and its products and services are perceived. Supporting and protecting this asset is therefore a top priority.

One of the most important issues you’ll need to consider is Disaster Recovery Planning. What happens if you lose all or part of your telecoms network, your Contact Centre or even your entire building?

You need to have detailed plans in place to protect your organisation and its image from the potentially damaging effects of power failure, network failure, natural disaster and building evacuation.

Helping You To Minimise The Effects of Facility Loss

At Maximum we consider all possible scenarios when designing a Contact Centre or Voice Network. Our designs incorporate a number of ‘defence mechanisms’ to help reduce risk. However, no Network or Contact Centre is 100% foolproof or immune to outside influences. That’s why we offer a comprehensive Disaster Recovery Planning service that can mitigate the effects of facility loss. Our service includes full documentation of the procedures to be followed in order to minimise the effects of such a loss and ensure continuity of critical business functions. This may entail the re-routing of external trunk calls to a different site automatically and seamlessly or initiating a full scale recovery plan at a ‘back-up’ site many miles away.

A Service Tailored To Your Needs

Within the proposed plans, we will define the resources, actions, tasks and data required to manage the business recovery process within the agreed time frame. Whatever proposals we make to you will be tailored to suit the needs of your organisation and designed to fit in with the technical profile of your network.

Even if you already have a Disaster Recovery Plan in place, we can cast an expert and impartial eye over your arrangements and, if required, offer suggestions for improvement.

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