Automate Educational Course Availability & Reservation - Logicall Clarus

Totally automated, Logicall Clarus enables higher education institutes to offer students the ability to call a free-phone 0800 number and to find out, in real-time, the number of spaces available on courses.

Using natural speech, students can then reserve a place on a course which could be held for a period of time, for example, 48 hours. Logicall Clarus assigns and provides the student with a unique reservation number which is sent by text or email as confirmation. Upon arrival at the institute, within the hold time, the student presents the reservation number and goes through the necessary process in person, hassle-free.

The Challenge

In Education terms, Clearing is how higher education institutes such as Universities and Colleges fill places they still have available on their courses. It’s an ideal way for students to find a course place and for the institute to fill its places. Clearing is a generally available from July to September. In reality, each year there are thousands of students chasing places on all sorts of courses and across a variety of institutes.

Since the major overhaul of higher education, even the top institutes are now taking part in the Clearing process to compete for top students. In August 2013, prior to Clearing opening the UCAS website showed a staggering 30,000 courses available and 145,730 students eligible. 6,000 courses were added within the first 10 minutes of Clearing opening, and it didn’t end there.

As soon as Clearing opens, the scramble for places begins.

The real challenge for all higher education institutes is how staff manage and handle the thousands of applications within a very short period of time and how to fill places with the best suited students.

The Solution

With Logicall Clarus, institutes can offer students a superior, organised experience, rather than the stampede and jostling to find a place. For the institutes, Logicall Clarus enables staff to be pro-active and productive, giving them quality time to spend with and enrolling students instead of trawling through course availability.

Fully automated, Logicall Clarus can be available 24 hours a day, allowing students to book a place day or night, weekday or weekend, without the need for any staff involvement or intervention.

The institute’s existing database is automatically updated each time a reservation is made as well as when a reservation expires. This provides the institute with the optimum opportunity to fill each and every course. And students get the opportunity to reserve a space which may previously have been reserved but no longer wanted.

Real-Time Visual Status

An interactive wallboard feature is available enabling institutes to see in real-time the status of each course and highlighting which ones are popular. Messages can be added at significant points, to highlight events such as when a course is nearly full. The information and messages to be displayed can be customised to suit each institute.

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We have been using the services of Maximum for over 4 years now in Australia. The VSS application started with just Bookings and has now been extended to include Redelivery, Tracking, RingBack and just lately FeedBack (post call survey). The business benefits we are seeing are material and the commercials are in the right place. I have to say that the relationship with Maximum is one of only a few that I can say is truly a partnership, I would struggle to be more positive about them. When an issue does happen I am constantly amazed at just how quickly the Maximum team can get to the root cause and provide a fix. It really is just different to other suppliers. They know their stuff and get us.

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I’ve been meaning to send a follow up note just to say that you guys ARE AWESOME! We’ve been using your application for years starting with Intelligent Callback. It’s easy to administer and it works. Unlike some applications which we are constantly having issues with. It was a pleasure working so closely with all of you and I hope we will continue to work together for years to come.

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We identified the processes that were best suited to self-service and more than 80% of those callers complete the process within the IVR applications now. With IVR, we’re effectively always open and now provide a 24x7 service. After 18 months, our scores are 15% ahead of which we are immensely proud of.

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