Logicall IVR

Logicall IVR is a highly resilient call/voice processing platform capable of supporting Natural Speech Recognition, Voice Biometrics, Text-to-Speech and DTMF.

Using industry standard systems, Logicall IVR provides a stable platform on which voice applications and speech self-service applications can be installed enabling you to automate telephone transactions.

Logicall IVR's automated self-service capabilities and features enable you to expand your services and availability.

Carrier-Grade. Robust. Scalable.

Logicall IVR is standardised on the best carrier grade servers on the market, in conjunction with an enterprise telephony interface. Our standard solution uses carrier grade PSTN hardware.

All this give you a robust, scalable solution, and we believe the most stable IVR platform that our industry has produced to date.

Logicall IVR supports the latest in voice and speech technology, speech recognition including Voice Biometrics.

Adding Smart Communications for Maximum RoI

Most IVR systems are pretty expensive pieces of kit, particularly when in reality they doesn't actually do much on their on.

To get the most out of your IVR and achieve the maximum return on your investment, you need to add intelligent speech self-service applications that really work for you. And by 'really work for you' we mean in three key ways.

First, they need to do what you need them to do, when you need them to do it. Second, your business needs to benefit from streamlined communications in terms of cost savings and efficiency. And thirdly, your customers need to enjoy a better experience when they get in touch with you.

Handle Routine Calls Quickly & Efficiently

Logicall IVR can handle routine, repetitive calls quickly and efficiently freeing up Agents to deal with high value calls making better use of valuable resource.

This means you can handle more calls with the same amount of Agents. Agents become more productive and job satisfaction increases, lowering staff turnover rates, which ultimately results in a reduction of recruiting and training costs.

For your customers, it means a much improved level of service, decreased wait times and a reduction in call costs. And they get to access information they want, when they want it.

Interoperability & Integration

The standard software available with Logicall IVR can extend your functionality and provider interoperability with a wide range of applications.

Logicall IVR can be fully integrated with all leading telephony systems and infrastructure.

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