Logicall Self-Service Applications

We’re Making It Really Personal!

Individualise every one of your customers experience with you, with our automated, conversational self-service applications.

Adding the personal touch makes customers feel valued and welcomed every time they call you. And if it makes them happy and comfortable, they'll not only remain loyal, but will opt for self-service every time.

Naturally, The Smarter Way To Communicate

Our self-service applications are fully speech-enabled, meaning that your customers simply speak. No searching keypads, no pressing 1 for this, or 2 for that. Designed with the caller in mind, natural, conversational prompts interact with, and guide, customers effortlessly along the way.

Ready For Your Business

Our self-service applications have been designed to remove the expense and time-consuming efforts of developing IVR applications – without any compromise. A breeze to install, all our self-service applications are quick to deploy and simple to manage in-house. They’re ready-to-go and ready to get to work for your business.

CallBack & Call Queue Management - Logicall RingBack

Logicall RingBack is our call queue management application providing an efficient way for contact centres to handle inbound call peaks and call fluctuations, quickly and easily, and without increasing staff resource.

RingBack allows you to offer callers an alternative to queuing, with the added benefit of a number of call back options, caller frustration and customer dissatisfaction is removed. And for those callers who want to wait on hold, RingBack also offers queue position and estimated wait time choices. READ MORE ...

Secure Card Payment Transactions (PCI Compliant) - Logicall Payments

Logicall Payments enables businesses to offer customers a quick, convenient and secure way to pay bills, settle accounts, pay for purchases, services and other transactions by credit and debit card. Our Payment application will help you to stay PCI compliant.

Logicall Payments processes calls quickly and without the need for live Agents, significantly reducing operational costs, increasing savings and profit for your business whilst offering your customers a far superior service that is conveniently available to them 24 hours a day, with no queuing or wait time. READ MORE ...

Post-Call Surveys (Real-Time) - Logicall FeedBack

A real-time post-call survey application, Logicall FeedBack enables you to build an accurate picture of a customer's experience when talking to Agents or their experience of a product or service, as well as Agent performance helping to identify any training needs.

With Logicall FeedBack you can create your own surveys at any time and makes changes without any system downtime. READ MORE ...

Name Dialler - Logicall Speak2Dial

Our Name Dialler application enables you to route callers to the person or department they wish to talk to by simply speaking their name.

Speak2Dial reduces call queuing and queue times, eliminates the need for dedicated operators or receptionists reducing costs and improving productivity. READ MORE ...

Automate Bookings & Reservations - Logicall Scheduler

Logicall Scheduler is an automated appointment, booking and reservation application that utilises natural speech technology for the very best caller experience and natural interaction.

Scheduler is simple to use, guiding your callers along the way and providing a highly efficient, professional yet friendly interaction. READ MORE ...

ID&V Callers in Seconds - Logicall Identifier

Logicall Identifier is an automated application that can help businesses to determine and authenticate a caller's identity based on their response to a series of questions.

Identifier is an effective identification and verification (ID&V) solution which provides a consistent process for easier management and better protection and security. READ MORE ...

Form-Filler Application - Logicall V-Forms

Logicall V-Forms allows callers to "fill-in" forms, questionnaires and request information by simply speaking their details.

An automated solution, V-Forms reduces resource levels during peak times enabling Agents to deal with higher value calls rather than routine data capture such as taking names and addresses. Completed forms can be transcribed by multiple Agents during quiet periods or processed by home-workers. READ MORE ...

Automate Agent Greetings - Logicall Personal Agent Greeting

An automated, fully configurable solution, Personal Agent Greeting can help to reduce Agent fatigue and the monotony of Agents particularly those that handle large volumes of calls on a daily basis.

Constantly repeating an introduction, greeting or marketing message hundreds of times a day can get extremely monotonous for Agents and it can show in their voices. READ MORE ...

Automate Educational Course Availability & Reservation - Logicall Clarus

Totally automated, Logicall Clarus enables higher education institutes to offer students the ability to call a free-phone number and to find out in real-time, the number of spaces available on courses.

Using natural speech, students can then reserve a place on a course which could be held for a period of time, for example, 48 hours. READ MORE ...

Call Recording (On-Demand, Adhoc, Scheduled) - Logicall Minder

Logicall Minder allows any call to be recorded on a scheduled or an adhoc basis by simply clicking a button on a desktop, making it an excellent and invaluable tool for training and security purposes.

Minder is ideal for organisations such as banks and insurance companies where compliance is vital. READ MORE ...

Got A Question? We Love A Challenge.

If you’re thinking about an IVR solution, voice application or speech self-service application but are unsure whether your ideas would get off the ground due to cost or for whatever reason, our Consultants would be happy to help you. You can call us direct on 0333 566 0000 (say Consultant) or click our “call me” button and select a convenient time for us to call you. Alternatively, visit our Contact Us page, fill out the form, click the send button, and we'll call you right back. We look forward to talking to you soon.


We have been using the services of Maximum for over 4 years now in Australia. The VSS application started with just Bookings and has now been extended to include Redelivery, Tracking, RingBack and just lately FeedBack (post call survey). The business benefits we are seeing are material and the commercials are in the right place. I have to say that the relationship with Maximum is one of only a few that I can say is truly a partnership, I would struggle to be more positive about them. When an issue does happen I am constantly amazed at just how quickly the Maximum team can get to the root cause and provide a fix. It really is just different to other suppliers. They know their stuff and get us.

Snr Business System Manager

Leading Global Express Delivery Company

I’ve been meaning to send a follow up note just to say that you guys ARE AWESOME! We’ve been using your application for years starting with Intelligent Callback. It’s easy to administer and it works. Unlike some applications which we are constantly having issues with. It was a pleasure working so closely with all of you and I hope we will continue to work together for years to come.

Snr Technical Analyst

Leading International Hotel & Lodging Company

We identified the processes that were best suited to self-service and more than 80% of those callers complete the process within the IVR applications now. With IVR, we’re effectively always open and now provide a 24x7 service. After 18 months, our scores are 15% ahead of which we are immensely proud of.

Customer Service Director

Mailroom, Document & Logistics Solutions Provider