Name Dialler - Logicall Speak2Dial

Our Name Dialler Application enables you to route callers to the person or department they wish to talk to by simply speaking their name. Speak2Dial reduces call queuing and queue times, eliminates the need for dedicated operators or receptionists reducing costs and improving productivity.

Most customers calling your business want to talk directly to somebody they already know however very often these customers don’t know the person's specific extension or DDI. Providing a transfer service to these callers, connecting them with the desired person within your business requires costly live operator services to be provided for very little business gain. Having quick and direct access to employees also improves efficiency – especially where no DDI exists or numbers are hard to find or remember.

Say My Name

Speak2Dial utilises Natural Language Speech Recognition (NLSR) engaging callers in very natural, interactive conversation and is always available to greet callers in the same polite and friendly manner connecting them to their chosen destination with the minimum of fuss, effort and manpower.

Callers are prompted to simply speak the name of the person or department they want to talk to. Speak2Dial uses the latest speech recognition technology to interpret what the caller has said and matches that to a directory which can be in either a database or on a website, and transfers the call. If the person is not available, callers are offered the option to leave a voicemail (if available) or ask to be connected to someone else.

Advanced Speech Technology for Highest Accent Accuracy

Speak2Dial has been developed using the most advanced speech technology available to ensure the highest caller to directory accuracy, regardless of caller accents.

Using Speak2Dial’s integral GUI, it’s easy to set up personnel names, departments and extensions in the Directory, then add to, delete and edit, at a later time with no system downtime. Ambiguous, uncommon and hard to pronounce names are managed by Speak2Dial to ensure optimum accuracy.

Full Integration

Speak2Dial can be fully integrated with the leading telephony systems, allowing businesses to seamlessly move callers from self-service interaction to assisted, live agents as needed, without loss of context.

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We have been using the services of Maximum for over 4 years now in Australia. The VSS application started with just Bookings and has now been extended to include Redelivery, Tracking, RingBack and just lately FeedBack (post call survey). The business benefits we are seeing are material and the commercials are in the right place. I have to say that the relationship with Maximum is one of only a few that I can say is truly a partnership, I would struggle to be more positive about them. When an issue does happen I am constantly amazed at just how quickly the Maximum team can get to the root cause and provide a fix. It really is just different to other suppliers. They know their stuff and get us.

Snr Business System Manager

Leading Global Express Delivery Company

I’ve been meaning to send a follow up note just to say that you guys ARE AWESOME! We’ve been using your application for years starting with Intelligent Callback. It’s easy to administer and it works. Unlike some applications which we are constantly having issues with. It was a pleasure working so closely with all of you and I hope we will continue to work together for years to come.

Snr Technical Analyst

Leading International Hotel & Lodging Company

We identified the processes that were best suited to self-service and more than 80% of those callers complete the process within the IVR applications now. With IVR, we’re effectively always open and now provide a 24x7 service. After 18 months, our scores are 15% ahead of which we are immensely proud of.

Customer Service Director

Mailroom, Document & Logistics Solutions Provider