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Logicall Assurance
Complete IVR Solution - Logicall Assurance

Our all-inclusive, premise-based speech self-service solution brings together all our products into one.

Everything you needs from the IVR hardware, self-service applications and our pro-active system and network monitoring tool. We also include all licensing, support and maintenance for both the hardware and software.

Logicall Assurance is available for an fixed monthly fee basis.


IVR in the Cloud - Cloud Assurance

Cloud Assurance is our all-inclusive, entry level IVR solution offering all the features, functionality and services of IVR in the Cloud. Giving you greater flexibility, at a lower than expected cost.

Cloud Assurance offers you the ability to take advantage of cutting-edge IVR technology, fully enabled speech self-service applications, pro-active monitoring, visual real-time wallboards and more. All for one affordable fixed monthly fee.


Self-Service Speech Applications - Logicall Applications

We have a wide range of "ready-to-go" speech self-service applications for you to choose from including RingBack for call queue management, Payments for secure PCI compliant, secure credit and debit card transactions, FeedBack for post-call surveys, Personal Agent Greeting to help retain motivation and combat agent fatigue and our name dialler, Speak2Dial.

Every Logicall Application comes complete with tools enabling contact centre managers to manage Agent performance and generate valuable Management Information reports (MI).


Real Call Traffic Test Simulator - Logicall Vanquish

With its extensive capabilities, Logicall Vanquish enables you to perform comprehensive testing of each and every element of your Contact Centre. From your network, trunks, telephone system, ACD, IVR platform, speech self-service, voice applications and solutions, DTMF, Text-to-Speech, call routing, Agents, web interfaces and other related services.

An automated real-call traffic simulation service, Vanquish eliminates problems associated with manual testing and can significantly reduce the cost of functional and regression testing.


IVR Platform (Hardware) - Logicall IVR

Logicall IVR is a highly resilient call processing platform capable of supporting DTMF, Natural Speech and biometric voice applications.

Using industry standard systems, Logicall IVR provides a stable platform on which voice applications and speech self-service applications can be installed, enabling you to automate telephone transactions, helping your business to lower operational costs while improving the service you provide to your customers.


Conferencing Services - Logicall Conferencing

Available 24/7, 365 Logicall Conferencing is a fully automated, self-serve conferencing service, giving you the flexibility and freedom to arrange, manage and hold conferences at your own convenience.

Easy to set-up, our global conference service is secure and simple to use. And as it has the ability to handle conferences of varying sizes, with the potential to cope with large numbers of participants, you can invite as many people you want.


Real-Time System & Network Monitoring - System Ranger

System Ranger is a unique tool for pro-actively supporting your IVR solutions, voice and self-service speech applications and telecoms services.

A real-time, visual monitoring tool System Ranger constantly monitors your mission critical systems and services, watching for errors and potential problems. When an error occurs, System Ranger immediately notifies our Technical Support Team and a full investigation begins.


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We have been using the services of Maximum for over 4 years now in Australia. The VSS application started with just Bookings and has now been extended to include Redelivery, Tracking, RingBack and just lately FeedBack (post call survey). The business benefits we are seeing are material and the commercials are in the right place. I have to say that the relationship with Maximum is one of only a few that I can say is truly a partnership, I would struggle to be more positive about them. When an issue does happen I am constantly amazed at just how quickly the Maximum team can get to the root cause and provide a fix. It really is just different to other suppliers. They know their stuff and get us.

Snr Business System Manager

Leading Global Express Delivery Company

I’ve been meaning to send a follow up note just to say that you guys ARE AWESOME! We’ve been using your application for years starting with Intelligent Callback. It’s easy to administer and it works. Unlike some applications which we are constantly having issues with. It was a pleasure working so closely with all of you and I hope we will continue to work together for years to come.

Snr Technical Analyst

Leading International Hotel & Lodging Company

We identified the processes that were best suited to self-service and more than 80% of those callers complete the process within the IVR applications now. With IVR, we’re effectively always open and now provide a 24x7 service. After 18 months, our scores are 15% ahead of which we are immensely proud of.

Customer Service Director

Mailroom, Document & Logistics Solutions Provider