Complete Voice Network Design

When it comes to the design of a complete voice network, it’s essential you entrust the work to a company with specialist expertise and a proven track-record. With a large and growing portfolio of design solutions for projects ranging from single standalone PBX installations to complex international voice networks, Maximum has all the necessary skills and experience to be a vital link in the success of your project.

Our approach is both meticulous and highly professional. Our service encompasses all aspects of network design. A key part of the package we offer is the development of a comprehensive dialling plan to ensure the fastest and most efficient routing of calls to specific locations. And we will produce a fully detailed synchronisation plan to ensure your network maintains its stability and that it supports all the required features.

Our Unique Commitment To You

Unlike other telecoms consultancies, we guarantee that all available features and functionality such as CLI, Conference Calling, Divert and Transfer are fully supported across the entire network – not just against one location. And then we fully document everything for you.

Attention To Detail

At Maximum, we believe in doing the job properly and accordingly, set ourselves the highest standards. The time we commit to fine detail is time well spent because it invariably eliminates the time often wasted on identifying and correcting glitches in the completed system. That’s why the design and configuration of every element of your network will be fully defined. We cover everything that may be involved, right down to the different configurations for phones on desks.

To underpin that commitment, we provide the commissioning specifications to ensure the design meets all your requirements. Together with the hardware supplier, we also underwrite the integrity of the design and its compliance with the specified performance criteria.

Troubleshooting Service For Existing Networks

If the performance of your existing network, or any element within it, is causing you concern, we can conduct a full audit of the entire network and individual location. On completion of our review, we will produce a document that details any major design fault or problem area that needs addressing. Based on this information, we can re-configure where necessary or if you prefer hand over our findings to a third party to enable them to undertake the necessary remedial work.

Improve Your Maintenance Procedures With A Network Inventory

Irrespective of whether or not there is a problem with your existing network, having a comprehensive written record of its infrastructure and configuration makes sound economic sense. We can carry out a complete inventory of your network, documenting all existing hardware and any links between locations within the network. From this data, we will develop a working document that your Network or Telecoms Manager will find invaluable in supporting the network and simplifying maintenance and upgrade procedures. You see the benefits in sustained high levels of efficiency and reliability and less risk of system down-time.

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